Episode 6

With Malcolm finally off to teach English in Korea, Dad is concerned about his future with Kate. Malcolm reaches the end of his rope when Dad tries to take their love life into his hands.


Dad sings all your favorites. Okay, only his favorites, and probably none of yours, but still.

17 thoughts on “Episode 6

  1. Scott

    The maker of Hitman 101 is a fan of your series! Very funny, hope there are a lot more episodes to come. (still chuckling over the ol’ cross arms trick)

  2. Tor

    I just discovered these videos, and they are unf*#ckingbelievable! Sharing them hither and anon. Please make more. Really, some of the best dry humor I have seen in ages. Outrageous, edgy, and yet strangely endearing.
    Looking forward to more!

  3. Matt

    I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this site, but I am so glad I did. So, so funny. Will you guys be making anymore?

  4. Brandon

    Absolutely love the series. It capture the awkwardness of parents, their kids and the inescapable confines of the car ride.

    Please tell me that Malcolm going to Korea doesn’t mean this is the last one.

  5. Heidi

    “Blacked out during your angsting phase, good for you. Bad for me..” That was hilarious. I love these videos, brilliant work!

  6. Kevin

    Incredible videos. Absolutely fantastic. I saw the first episode on Cracked then went straight to your website to watch the rest, my throat is sore because I laughed so hard. Keep it up dudes, these were freaking hilarious.


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