Episode 5

With Kate now in the car, Dad cautions the new couple on the dangers of early commitment. Things get disastrous when Dad “innocently” questions Kate’s family history, and the possibility of demonic influence.

11 thoughts on “Episode 5

  1. Ari

    These are truly fantastic. Mark Little is like a shawl of comedy draped over a hilarious lion. Love love love all of these! :)

  2. VeryDangerousTomatoFarmer

    This was equal parts hilarious and painful to watch. This series is absolutely brilliant, by the way. It maintains a perfect balance between exaggeration and subtlety.

  3. Jose Velasquez

    O man, Please everyone that reads this, DO NOT try to eat food and watch these, you will choke from laughter

  4. Alison

    This is amazing, I stumbled upon it tonight as I’m laying sick in bed and am dying of laughter. I almost choked on the pomegranate seeds I was eating. Please make more of these videos, even if you don’t I’ll keep watching them over and over!

  5. Katelyn

    Dear God you guyz are geniuses. I love Picnicface and this provides some consolation after it was cancelled.


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