Episode 1

While living at home for a brief time, Malcolm is being driven everywhere he needs to go by his Dad. On the way home from the library, Dad reveals that Malcolm’s mother is… late. He wants to make an emergency stop at the pharmacy, and has a favor to ask Malcolm.

21 thoughts on “Episode 1

    1. Q Man

      You are probably mentally challenged. Do some research. And nobody has said “aboot” in the history of ever. Seriously though this is classic.

  1. John

    The videos wont play for me. I saw some on cracked.com and wanted to see if there where more but none of the ones on the site will work. I just see a black screen. Any solution to this?

  2. Will Tremblay

    These videos are pretty funny; saw them on Cracked!

    Who does the intro music? It sounds like the Comedian Harmonists… Is it them?

  3. Anonymous

    So when is there going to be new stuff? Is that the entire series, or did they just take a break? Are they thinking up new stuff? This is so damn funny I hope it’s not over yet…

  4. Clint

    Amazing series, I think I’d break down if it doesn’t continue. Telling my friends to tell their friends about it.


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